Sugar Glider Cage & Habitat Information

Sugar Glider Cage & Habitat

sugar glider cageSugar gliders are widespread in New Guinea and Australia. Usually, they live in rainforests or coconut plantations. Their way of living in nature determines the conditions of their life in enclosed space. So it’s important to know how it looks a good Sugar Glider Cage.

In freedom, these small animals wander in a huge area because they are searching for food so sugar glider cage should be big as possible. They are the most active at night. In the daytime, sugar gliders live in tree holes that are covered with leaves.

There are some rules of keeping sugar gliders as pet at home:

First of all, young sugar gliders can live in a small cage. In this way, it is easier for them to bond. Not only they can bond with humans, but also they can become great buddies with other pets at home.

Of course, the owners of the pet need knowledge and they have to put some effort in this. These cute animals are restlessand playful so it would be a big advantage for them to live in a big (for example parrot or chinchilla) cage when they get older. It is quite necessary to put a lot of various things in the cage so sugar gliders could jump on them. Heat-treated wood branch plays great role. There is no doubt that exercise wheel, branches, nest box and ropes are the best gear to make your pet’s life fulfilled.

Also, they need to have fun, so the best way to keep them busy and quiet at night is to give them any kind of toy to play with. In this way they will be making less noise. Heavy boxes and a drinking bottle attached to the wall of the cage would be the most suitable choice.

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Wooden sugar glider cage

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Parrot Sugar Glider cage

Sugar Glider Cage with a lot of activities

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