Sugar Glider Diet

sugar glider dietSugar Glider Diet & Sugar Glider Food

Firstly, feeding a sugar glider can be a very satisfying activity that is fun to watch. There is a reason for that, sugar gliders have no feet. They have arms and eat food just like humans. It’s very important to know the right Sugar Glider diet.

Secondly, these little animals can eat surprisingly various and cheap food. Sugar glider diet should be plantsugar glider diet and animal origin food. Sugar Glider diet depends on the season of a year. In summertime they eat mainly insects (mealworms, crickets) but in winter it is hard to find them. That is why in winter they are feeding on honeydew, lerp, manna, acacia gum. Moreover, sugar gliders eat vegetables, fruits, protein. They even eat products that people keep at home. For example, they eat scrambled eggs, nuts, fruit juice and yoghurt. Read more about Sugar Glider Food.

In addition to this, sugar gliders can eat little animals like various birds, mice and other animals that usually appear in the forests of Australia.

Another interesting fact is that sugar gliders love drinking sap. They remove the bark from trees with their long teeth. Then, they suck the sap until they feel full.

What do sugar gliders eat?

When sugar gliders are being kept at home, they do not need a lot of energy because they do not spend as much energy as they spend in forests. These animals need a low carb and low fat diet so they could stay healthy. Also, a perfect sugar glider diet would consist mainly of protein (small pieces of meat without any spices, cheese, tofu, yoghurt) and vitamins. ΒΌ of the sugar glider diet should consist of fruits (grapes, figs, oranges, pineapples, etc.) and vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, etc.).

Usually, they fill up their daily dose of water by drinking rainwater. Also, they receive most of the water from the food that they eat. There should always be fresh water that is available for your pet to drink.

It is important to emphasize, that cat food, hamster food, monkey biscuits and other similar food will not help to keep your sugar glider healthy and strong. This food is no good for sugar gliders. Moreover, food supplements are not a good choice either. Particularly the ones that are low-priced.

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