Sugar Glider For Sale

Sugar Glider For Sale And What You Need To Know

Congratulations on deciding to get a Sugar Glider as a pet. You have made a great decision that will give you many years of joy, happiness, laughter and companionship. Now that you have made your decision, you need to know everything about Sugar Glider for sale and who can you trust and what all you will need for your new family member. The task is not as daunting as you may be thinking at this point. This is where we are here to help with this task. To guide you in the right directions with information for you to make an informed decision regarding most everything you need to know.

Sugar Glider For Sale

So, you have found this page probably because you typed in Sugar Glider for Sale and the search engine probably brought you here for the simple reason we talk about Sugar Glider for sale and just about Sugar Gliders. In your search for Sugar Glider for Sale you have seen pages for breeders in different states and possibly different countries. You have also seen pages of classified ads for people selling their pet Sugar Glider. The big question now is where exactly do you purchase your pet from? Good question.

Sugar Glider Breeders vs. Classified Ad

Sugar Glider Breeder

Going through a local classified ad and seeing a Sugar Glider for sale and for probably way less than what a breeder is charging sounds very appealing and financially a good investment. However, just like with any other rescue animal, you may never get the full reason or anywhere close to the exact reason why this particular person will be letting go of their Sugar Glider. It would be hard to say if they abused this animal in any way, if it was taken care of properly, fed the correct foods, or has health problems that may not be noticeable by appearance. Let’s face the facts, an individual selling their pet Sugar Glider will most likely not divulge this information and will not have a health guarantee of any kind. A breeder however is the only owner of your new pet. They have watched it being birthed, played with it and loved it since it made it appearance to the world, and usually will have some kind of health guarantee should something be wrong with your sugar glider that hadn’t been notice or diagnosed before your purchase. You are more protected with a breeder for your purchase than an individual selling their pet. Being that Sugar Gliders are exotic animals, you will not be able to go down the road to a pet store and purchase another one should something happen to the one that you purchased off of an individual. A breeder is where you will want to go to purchase your new pet just for simple peace of mind about your new family member.  The question now is, what breeder can you trust?

How to choose the correct Sugar Glider breeder?


There are a few things to look at when choosing a breeder. A Sugar Glider is an exotic animal meaning they are not as common as owning a dog or a cat. The ones that do breed and sell them do it for different reasons and going to their website will give you an idea of what their reason may be.

If you go to a website and there are Sugar Glider for sale and 3 or more other small animals, chances are they are doing it just to make money and not for the love of the species. You want to look for a breeder that has just Sugar Glider for sale or possibly one other small animal. Sugar Gliders need to be social. It is in their genetics even in the wild. In order to do this they have to be handled daily, interacting with humans and even other Sugar Gliders. If a person has 5 other small animals that they are selling, chances are your Sugar Glider will not have had the time and attention that is demanded of them from birth and your Sugar Glider will possibly not be tame and may have a depression issue from a lack of socializing properly.

Another thing to look for is if the breeder is willing to let you see their setup and their operations, which is if you are close enough for that trip. If a breeder does not allow visitors to see their operation, I would probably stay clear of them. If the breeder is doing everything possible to breed healthy, quality Sugar Gliders and not doing anything questionable, they should have absolutely no problems letting you see their operation.

Look for how to contact the breeder. If you can only contact them through the mail system and/or email, you may have to wait 24-48 hours before getting a response. I have seen a breeder say that if you don’t hear from them after 48 hours to email them again. For me personally that is a red flag and I would probably stay clear of them. You need a breeder that is willing to answer your questions, keep you updated about your new purchase especially if it isn’t old enough to go home to you yet. Accessibility of the breeder is key to making a purchase of this type.

Sugar Glider Breeder

Being that Sugar Gliders are exotic animals, you will want to check for if they hold license. The main one that many will have is with USDA. This is a government agency and they usually have pretty strict guidelines to follow when it comes to selling wildlife and the breeding setup. Chances are there are also surprise inspections to make sure that the breeder is doing what is required to hold their license. On top on holding a USDA license for being a breeder, if you can find one also licensed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service that is an added bonus. That is two separate government officials they have to answer to in order to hold a license which means double surprise inspections usually.

There are many different color variations to choose from when it comes to Sugar Glider for sale. Find a breeder that has many different choices. This will allow you to not settle on one particular color variation when you had your heart set on another.

Look for how long the breeder has been breeding Sugar Gliders. If they are just starting out breeding that means they are still learning the ins and outs of it all.  Just starting out mistakes do happen unfortunately and could cause problems with your Sugar Glider baby. It is a good idea to find a breeder who has been breeding and selling for more than a few years. The longer they have been breeding Sugar Gliders for sale the better.

Sugar Glider health is very important and having peace of mind that if something is wrong with your Sugar Glider that the breeder is willing to work with you. Make sure that the breeder you are making your purchase from has a health guarantee. It is usually about a 72 hour health guarantee. This means that you have 72 hours from the time you get your Sugar Glider to get him/her to a veterinarian and have a health exam. If the veterinarian finds any health problems with your new Sugar Glider, then you need to inform the breeder. Depending on their policy will depend on what will happen. Find out exactly from the breeder what will happen should your veterinarian find anything wrong with your new baby.

Most importantly, follow your intuition. If something seems off or sketchy about a particular breeder, trust that instinct and move on to the next one. Make sure you look past page one of your search for Sugar Glider for Sale before making a decision.

Now that you know where to go to get your newest addition to the family, you must be asking yourself what all do you need for it?

Sugar Glider Cage

sugar glider cage

You definitely need to start with a cage. Your Sugar Glider is not safe running freely around the house. Because Sugar Gliders spend most of their time in the tree tops in the wild, you need a cage that is tall rather than wide. This will give your Sugar Glider the ability to spread it’s flaps and get exercise and allow them to do what naturally comes to them.

A great cage to use is Madagascar Cage-60” Tall Cage for Sugar Gliders.

This cage includes: 3 shelves, 3 ladders, 2 double feed dishes, 2 wood climbing post and best of all they are all removable. The cage does come with a stand with wheels giving it the 60” height. It also has 2 large doors on the front of the cage and 2 small doors on each side giving you the opportunity to set up the cage with ease.

Sugar Glider Diet, Food and Water

Sugar Glider Food

Sugar Gliders are omnivore which means they eat meat, veggies and fruit. They do have a specific diet which needs to be met and you can accomplish this with a well balanced food made especially for Sugar Gliders. Exotic Nutrition Glider Complete High Protein Sugar Glider Food takes the guess work out of the Calcium to Phosphorus ratio that your glider needs. It is a high protein pellet with the correct amount of vitamins and minerals to give your Sugar Glider exactly what they need for proper growth and development. Has 8 different varieties of real fruit chunks and is 100% natural with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. A real bonus is it is veterinarian approved which most on the market are not.

Sugar Glider Feeding Station

Because Sugar Glides will make a mess while eating, investing in a feeding station is a great idea. The Sugar Glider No Mess Feeding Station will help to ensure that your Sugar Glider is eating more of the food that you put in his/her cage with less waste. It will also keep the bottom of the cage from getting gross with food bits and pieces mixed in with waste expelled from their body. This will save you from having to order food more frequently and save you money in the long run. The feeding station mounts to the cage with a slip off mount where you can remove the unit and replace it with ease. The bottom of the unit comes apart for easy cleaning and filling. It is dishwasher safe on the top shelf.

Sugar Glider water bottle

Your new Sugar Glider will most likely be trained to drink water from a water bottle rather than a dish. This is more sanitary and will ensure that their water stays clean free of food pieces and debris floating in the air. Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle is in fact a no drip according to the Amazon reviews. If you have ever used a water bottle you know how frustrating it is to have it drip even if it says no drip. Things start to smell and you have to refill more often. Getting a water bottle that doesn’t leak and has reviews saying how wonderful it is that it in fact does not leak will make keeping the cage cleaner easier for you.

sugar glider food

As with most pets, they all like snacks or treats. Even us humans like them also. Your Sugar Glider will be no different and will be excited to have a treat or snack. Mini Yogurt Drops Sugar Glider Treats 8oz 3 pack is a tried and proven favorite of Sugar Gliders. The company that makes these treats has Sugar Gliders. Their recipes use ingredients safe for Sugar Gliders. Once they have a product, they feed it to their Sugar Gliders to see how well they like the product. It is a loved treat for even most picky eaters.

Sugar Glider Bonding Pouch

sugar glider bonding pouch

As I mentioned earlier, Sugar Gliders are social animals and will desire and crave contact with you as much as possible and will need this contact to thrive. A bonding pouch will allow you to give them this comfort and security and allow you and your pet to bond easier. The Kozy Kritter Seamless, Red, Black and White Chevron Fleece Sugar Glider Bonding Pouch Bag is perfect for the bonding experience between you and your Sugar Glider and stylish at the same time. It is 100% machine washable and you let it air dry. It has a zipper enclosure so that your Sugar Glider cannot climb out and get hurt. You can even fit 2 Sugar Gliders in this pouch if you have more than one or will be getting more than one. The soft fleece will allow your Sugar Glider to stay nice and warm and give them a soft spot to curl up and sleep in while staying close to you. A bonding pouch really is a necessity for any Sugar Glider owner.

Sugar Glider Cage Accessories and Toys

sugar glider cageYour Sugar Glider will appreciate and respond well with a cage that is cozy, warm, fun, and entertaining, while providing all of the necessary things that every Sugar Glider needs. First things first, a place for your Sugar Glider to sleep in the cage. The 15 piece Teal, Smokey Gray & White Sugar Glider Cage Set will give your Sugar Glider a place to sleep and extras to allow them to move in the cage as they would in the wild.

This set includes: 2 rectangle pouches, 2 Triangular Landing Ledges, 1 square hammock, 1 square parachute hammock, 1 bridge, 1 tunnel, 1 Boa Vine, 1 Braided Rope, and 5 blankets. It is made of soft, warm fleece and is machine washable and you let it air dry. This cage set gives you so much potential to mimic the wild for your pet and allow them to be active Sugar Gliders inside of their cage.

Sugar Glider Bundle

While the cage set has some play toys for your glider, they need more than objects to jump on and run on. They need objects that they can hold and play with much as a toddler needs the same thing. Sugar Glider Toy Six Pack 6 Toys in 1 Bundle will give them the extra entertainment that they need.

This bundle includes: 1 Rockin Maraca Swing, 1 Foraging Cup, 1 Barrel of Monkeys, 1-24 inch stretch rope, 1 Ring Thing on a String, and 1-4foot Noodley Tubes. So much fun and enjoyment and amusement for your Sugar Glider.

Sugar Glider Wheel

Now that we have the gliding, jumping, and playing exercises, your Sugar Glider needs a little cardiovascular exercise also. The Atticworx Sugar Glider Wheel, 12 inch Freedom Stealth Wheel with Cage Side Mount is perfect and safe for more exercise and is fun. This wheel has dual sealed ball bearings making it a quiet wheel with little to no squeak when your Sugar Glider is on it. It is one solid piece with no seams or connectors to possibly injure your Sugar Glider or trap in foul smelling odors. Because your Sugar Gliders has nails and they will get very long, it is best to get Sandy Trimmer Strips (8 strips)-Nail Trimming Strips for Pet Exercise Wheels. This takes the hassle out of trying to trim your Sugar Gliders nails and trims them painlessly while they play. The trimming strips will attach to all solid surfaces and act as an automatic nail trimmer and best of all, your Sugar Glider will not be stressed from you trying to trim them yourself.

Sugar Glider Bath

Sugar Glider Dust Bath

Your Sugar Glider will enjoy being clean and you would enjoy them being clean as well. The Small Animal Critter Bath with Critter Bath Dust Included is a beautiful way for your Sugar Glider to groom and stay clean. It has a 2.25” wide by 2.5” high opening allowing easy in and easy out for your Sugar Glider. It comes with free single pack bath sand. This means you need to purchase more cleaning dust to change out. Lixit 30-0605-001 Blue Cloud Dust, 3-pound jar is a fantastic product for your Sugar Gliders grooming needs. It is a100% natural dust and contains no limestone, glass or sand and will shake completely out of the fur of your Sugar Glider. Clean Sugar Glider with not tracking of dust means a cleaner cage.

Bottom of the Cage

Sugar Glider Cage Bottom Aspen Bedding

Last but not least is the bottom of the cage. This is generally where your Sugar Glide bodily waste will end up. Never use Cedar with your Sugar Glider. Aspen or Fir shavings are ideal. Aspen Shavings will save you time and energy when cleaning and you will not have a wood smell in your house with this product or a dusty smell. This product is made from 100% natural aspen wood and is kiln dried and virtually dust and scent-free. It is highly-absorbent and can absorb up to four times its weight in moisture preventing the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria. Everything you need in one product to keep the cage a sanitary as possible and not smell.

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